Anthropology of Japan in Japan

“Crisis Anthropology”

Annual Meeting Timetable

3–5 December 2021

Hosted by Akita International University

Location: ZOOM

Organizing Committee:

Kaeko Chiba and Hisako Omori (Akita International University)

Ben Grafström (Akita University)

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* In principle, speakers will be given 20 minutes to present, followed by 10 minutes of Q&A. Panel Chairs are free to modify this, with the consent of their panel.

** Times shown are local Akita time (GMT +9 / UTC +9).

Day 1 Friday, December 3
17:00Opening Remarks
AIU Vice-President Yoshitaka Kumagai, and AIU President Monte Cassim
17:15Keynote Address
Keynote Speaker Roger Goodman (University of Oxford) (Nissan Professor of Modern Japanese Studies and Warden of St. Antony’s College) 60 mins + 30 mins Q&A
Closing Remarks 
AJJ President Michael Shackleton
19:00Close of Day 1
 Day 2 Saturday, December 4
10:00Day 2 Opening Remarks
10:10– 12:10Panel 1: The Matcha or the Stick: Balancing Military Might, Judicial Powers, Cultural Legacy at Home and Abroad
Chair:  Greg Poole
Speakers: Masamichi S. Inoue (University of Kentucky), “Okinawan Multitude: Toward a New Analytical Framework for U.S. Base Issues in Okinawa”
Andreas Riessland (Nanzan University), “Okakura’s Omissions – the restricted perception of tradition in The Book of Tea”
Noriko Sato (Pukyong National University), “War Memorials and Memories of Wars: Subhas Chandra Bose in Tokyo”
Cho Kiu Chiang (The University of Hong Kong), “Japanese Legal Culture in Taiwan China and Non-Westernisation: The Use of Legislation in the Meiji Daishin-In and in the Republican Supreme Court in its Early Years in Taiwan”
12:10– 13:00Lunch (the AJJ Executive Meeting will be held at this time)
13:00– 14:00Special Presentation: Steven C. Fedorowicz (Kansai Gaidai University), “Food and Drink at a Japanese Standing Bar: An Appetizing Production – Extended Media Version”
14:00– 14:15Break
14:15– 15:45Panel 2: Navigating Womanhood: Performance, Belief, and Identity 
Chair: Etsuko Kato
Speakers: Kaeko Chiba (Akita International University), “Strength of Ritual in Chado”
Yuxi Guo (Akita International University), “The Gothloli Subculture in Japan: Feminism, Escapism, and the Reality” 
Hiya Mukherjee (Nagoya University), “An Investigation of Childbirth Related Taboos and Beliefs in Contemporary Japan: A Case Study on Nagoya City” 
Panel 3: Measure for Measure: the Role of Song in Society from Post-War Japan to the COVID Crisis
Chair: Andrea Di Antoni
Speakers: Hiroshi Aoyagi (Kokushikan University), “A Monadological Study on the Progression of Musical Genres in Postwar Japan”
Heung Wah Wong (The University of Hong Kong), “Japanese Popular Cultural Products in Mainland China”
Talyta Kei Tung Lam (The University of Hong Kong), “Singing Japanese Songs in 1970s’ Hong Kong: Japanese Tourists and Music Hall Culture in Southeast Asia”
15:45– 16:00Break
16:00– 18:00Panel 4: Contested Identity, Nationality, and COVID-19
Chair: Hisako Omori
Speakers: Paul Capobianco (Lingnan University), “Japanese identity politics during COVID19: Globalized multicultural identity or more of the same?”
Daesung Kwon (Tokyo Medical and Dental University), “Radical Openness Toward Diversity Beyond the Crisis: The Future Challenges and Opportunities for International Student Mobility to Japan in the Post-Pandemic Era”
Yuriko Yamanouchi (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies), “Memories, relationships, and futures: food discourse among Japanese descendants in Broome, Western Australia”
Sohee Che (National Museum of Ethnology), “Perspectives on health, though Covid-19 Pandemic in Japan”
18:30– 20:00Online reception
Close of Day 2
Day 3 Sunday, December 5
10:00– 11:30Panel 5: Subjectivity in the Context of Alternative Lifestyle
Chair: John Mock
Speakers: Anju Kinoshita (University of Cambridge), “Change the Regional Trading: Creative Learning from Native Culture”
Judit Kroo (Arizona State University), “Reading Sustainability and Resilience in Alternative Shokunin ‘Artisan’ Subjectivities”
Reika Fukushima (Hokkaido University), “Auto-ethnography about what the worldview of natural cultivation brings: Narrative of a social worker with burnout experience”
11:30– 12:30Lunch
12:30– 14:30Panel 6: All Japan’s a Stage: From Livehouses to Teahouses, and Places In-between
Chair: Ben Grafström
Speakers: Lucile Druet (Kansai Gaidai University), “Maiko and Geiko in Crisis: the Hanamachi business and culture during the Covid-19 pandemic”
James Letson (Hokkaido University), “The Elementary Forms of Punk Life: Rethinking Collective Effervescence, Post-Covid 19”
Minori Tai (Tokyo Metropolitan University), “Ongakusō (musical funeral), an alternative funeral style in contemporary Japan”
Rin Tsuchiya (Kyoto University), “Comparing Gion-matsuri festivals before and after the pandemic”
14:30– 14:45Closing Remarks 
AJJ President & AJJ 2021 Chair